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jakarta mega city
jakarta the mega city, looking to the next century

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, has a population of 10.5 million people and is continuously growing. The city has horrendous traffic jams renowned throughout South East Asia. People continue to move to the city looking for work and places to live. Pollution is a never ending problem as is the pressure on local infrastructure.

Presently the Government is being relocated to eastern Borneo, with hopes this will alivate the crowding in Jakarta.

Martin photographed panoramas in many locations around the city, showing the living conditions of its population. The project was for Komunika Partners, a Digital Marketing Agency located in the city. The panoramas were used for a conference on the future of mega cities around the globe.

Shot with a Nikon D200, 10.5mm lens, 6 RAW images in each panorama, exported as TIF and stitched in PTGui Pro. Edited together using Pano2VR and final edit in Photoshop.