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microsoft math
microsoft math, (nokia momath) dar es salaam, tanzania

MoMath, was originally introduced by Nokia in South Africa in 2009. Students could complete math exercises on their mobile phones and work with friends on-line, making the learning experience personal, engaging and exciting. The project was launched in Tanzania in 2011 and was taken over by Microsoft and reintroduced as Microsoft Math in 2012.

Martin Broomfield was commissioned to photograph at schools in Dar es Salaam. The images were used in print material and on web. When it became Microsoft Math, he shot a video at two schools in Tanzania, with the assistance of David Vee.

Martin’s photography of Nokia’s MoMath Tanzania project was very important for the projects communications. Together we visited many rural schools and Martin was able to capture the enthusiasm of the students. It was easy for him to gain the trust of those being photographed. It was pleasure to work with such a professional and I was extremely happy with the co-operation.
Riitta Vanska